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High Performance Computing - HPC
The University Computer Centre of the University of Bonn offers server housing, also known as server homing or colocation, to institutes of the University of Bonn.

High Performance Computing - HPC

The University of Bonn has decided to offer High Performance Computing resources as a central service for working groups / scientists at the university. An operating team is being set up at the HRZ for this purpose. A small cluster ("bonna") has already existed for a few years and is operated by SCAI; in summer 2022, the graphics card cluster "bender" will also be made available for teaching and research (for example, master's theses). A large Tier 3 system ("marvin" aka "bonna2") has been inaugurated in October 2023.

The official and more detailed page of the University of Bonn regarding HPC can be found here.

For whom?


The service is available to all scientists and working groups with a need for high (parallel) computer resources.

What for?

    • Highly parallel numerical simulations
    • Applications from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning

    How does it work?

    Access to the computing resources is regulated via a simple application procedure. For all further information, a detailed web portal will be set up in cooperation with the "High Performance Computing and Analytics" group in the near future.

    For all questions, please contact Dr. Dirk Barbi (dbarbi@uni-bonn.de).

    Further Information

    More and detailed information concerning HPC can be found on the official page of the University of Bonn.


    Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    (Access only possible from the BONNET)


    The link to the FAQs will follow .....

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