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Web Statistics - Matomo
Anonymous access to web pages analysis


The access figures of websites can be collected via several statistics servers with the software Matomo.

For whom?


In order to apply for and set up the web statistics, you must have administrator rights for the corresponding Plone page in your institute or institution.

What for?

Survey of statistics

    The installations are offered "as is" - for staffing reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer you any support beyond the user configuration and the assignment to your website.

    The statistical data is collected anonymously (i.e. without the full IP address and thus in compliance with data protection regulations).

    How does it work?

    The collection with Matomo is not activated by default.


    Activation must be requested.


    Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    (Access only possible from the BONNET)


    No, there is no standard tracking of all websites. Tracking is only carried out if it is requested when necessary:

    • To monitor a page, a Javascript code snipplet must be inserted on all HTML pages to be monitored (usually via Plone).
      The snipplet is basically the same on all pages - but contains an individual ID that enables the assignment.
    • When the corresponding page(s) are called up, this Javascript then sends a reference to the Matomo server, which in turn stores the access in a MySQL database.
      (The database runs on the same machine and can be administered via https://webstat.rhrz.uni-bonn.de/adminer_portal42.php.) Normally, however, MySQL is low-maintenance or maintenance-free. The occasionally necessary 'optimise-table' commands are sent automatically via cronjob).

    Yes, you can get access to one or more website statistics, the site snipplet is not affected.

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