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Web- & Documentation Tools

Web- & Documentation Tools

All services around the website CMS Plone, wikis and project management

Associated Services

  • Electronic Lab Book - RSpace

    RSpace is a service for electronic laboratory data management

  • URL-Shortener

    The HRZ operates a URL shortener that converts long URLs into short URLs incl. QR code.

  • Website CMS - Plone

    The website of the University of Bonn is operated on servers of the HRZ.

  • Wiki - Confluence

    Confluence is available to all institutions of the University of Bonn as a tool for knowledge management/documentation and project organisation and collaborative working.

  • Web Statistics - Matomo

    The HRZ operates a server that generates web statistics and analysis data of the use of registered websites.

  • Project Management - Jira

    Jira is available to all institutions at the University of Bonn as a tool for project organisation, task management and collaborative working.

  • Phone Book

    The HRZ operates a "telephone book server" which provides contact data of employees based on the data in the central telephone system.

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