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eCampus: new Homepage and Confluence Space online

The eCampus team presents its new internet presence in a new design based on Plone 5: informative, modern and with current eCampus news, the website offers information over all of the eLearning services.

Register now: IT courses at the HRZ

Are you interested in 3D-printing, photo editing, or would you like to refresh and further your skills in text formating and spreadsheets? If so, you can visit our courses on these topics that take place this semester.

IT-Support: ETF and HRZ sign contract

On November 15th, 2023, an agreement for IT support has been signed between the Faculty of Protestant Theology and the University IT and Data Center by Prof. Markus Saur, director of the Seminar for Protestant Theology, and Dr. Rainer Bockholt, director of the University IT and Data Center. 
The agreement includes a joint concept for IT support regarding hard- and software support, and network support at the Faculty for Protestant Theology (ETF) through the University IT and Data Center (HRZ). Subsequently, the employees and members of the ETF will be supported by the HRZ, in matters of IT.

HPC: Impressions from the initiation

The start of the Super Computer "Marvin" on October 20, 2023 signifies a milestone for research at the University of Bonn. Through the new Super Computer, the University of Bonn supports a range of research areas with new and powerful computing capacity. Henceforth, "Marvin" is an important part of the excellent research and digitalisation strategy at the University of Bonn. But which story lays behind the name Marvin? Dr Dirk Babi, HPC team leader at the University IT and Data Center, has the answer to this question in the video on our HRZ YouTube channel.

Deutschlandweite IT-Security Awareness Days 2023

Even in the current winter semester, the IT Security Awareness Days will take place again, this year for the sixth time, from November 7th to 17th, 2023, which are jointly organized and hosted by several German universities.

It is an online event series with lectures on information security. The lecture topics range from “Security in the Home Office” to “Social Engineering” and are mostly aimed at users without prior knowledge.

#UniBonnWelcomeDays for winter term 23/24 – we were there!

The University IT and Data Center was once again present at this year's Welcome Days for winter term 2023/2024. At the HRZ stand, as part of the welcome days events, all first-year students and international students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the central IT services and processes at the University of Bonn.

In addition to the welcome events in venue, we gave additional digital live lectures on our IT services via Zoom X. Our experts were available to help and advise the university's first-semester's and international students at the start of the winter term.

eCampus eLearning service: Security Upgrades

Due to unplanned but necessary security upgrades, the eCampus learning platform had to be switched off. Maintenance is expected to be completed in the course of the day on October 26th. We are convinced that we can activate eCampus again as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Introduction of the YubiKey: Information about multi-factor authentication on the podcast

Step by step, the multi-factor authentication (MFA for short) will be introduced for central services at the University of Bonn. On the podcast for employees, Daniela Korden, project manger at the University IT and Data Center, explains what MFA actually is, the changes awaiting university members, and how the introduction of MFA will be implemented at the University of Bonn.

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