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HPC: Official inauguration of Marvin

The day has finally come: October 20, 2023 the ceremonial inauguration of the new high-performance computer “Marvin” has taken place.

TRA Symposium HPC

On October 20, 2023 a symposium in occasion of the inauguration of "Marvin" is hosted by TRA Modelling .

"Marvin", the new Tier-3 HPC cluster is being put into operation, and with this the University of Bonn is welcoming a new highly important piece of infrastructure, for which many scientists have been waiting for! An ideal occasion to bring together scientists from different fields, whether HPC experts or intensive users, to provide insights into their work to a broad scientific audience.

On-site services limited

Due to an office fire incident, the HRZ building on Wegelerstr. 6-8 is currently closed, so all on-site services are restricted as no public traffic is allowed.

Affected services:

- IT helpdesk (available via email)
- Institute machine room
- IT courses
- Plotting

No other services are affected by the restriction and all HRZ employees are used to mobile working due to the Corona crisis.

On-site services available again

The complete block of the HRZ building in Wegelerstr. 6-8 will be lifted on Thursday October 12th, 2023 at 12:00 p.m., so all on-site services will be available again: 

- IT helpdesk 
- Institute machine room
- IT courses
- Plotting

Welcome at the University of Bonn!

Important information from the University IT and Data Center (HRZ) summarized for all new students at the University of Bonn.

The digital start to your studies in four simple steps:


1. Activate your Uni- ID
...at gosa.gosa.uni-bonn.de to use all digital services of the university.

2. Set up your e-mail account
...to conveniently receive e-mails on your smartphone and laptop.

3. Configure Eduroam and VPN
...to access wifi across the campus and read all academic journals.

4. Set up a Sciebo-account
...at hochschulcloud.nrw to manage your data in the university cloud.

HPC: new Supercomputer before start of operation

After arriving in early summer, operation starts this autumn: The new Supercomputer in High Performance Computing "Marvin" starts his job. On October 20 this year, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael Hoch and other representatives of the university, as well as Bonn's mayor Nicole Unterseh, will inaugurate the new computer, which belongs to the 500 fastest Supercomputers worldwide. 

With the last construction meeting, all of the necessary construction measures before and after the delivery of the new computer (as reported in July 2023), were successfully completed in time, as of September 29, 2023: 

Power supply is ensured and the workflows with energy suppliers, in case of necessary warnings concerning downtimes, last-tests, have been established. Furthermore, the functionality of the cooling system, the stability of the air temperatures during full workload and the emergency opening of all racks (in which the computing power is contained) has been tested. 

All that is left to be done, is the replacement of defect hardware and the configuration of the system, before doing the final configuration and the installation of the user software. Hence, mid-october the power-user-phase can be implemented where chosen power-users can test the system beforehand.

The new Supercomputer will be available to all members of the university and their project partners, starting December 2023. Scientists of the medical faculty and members of UKB with a Uni-ID can also take advantage of the new computing power. Advanced skills using Linux-HPC resources are necessary, you can also achieve these skills in the classes offered by the HPC-team of the University IT and Data Center. The HPC-team monitors the computing processes and the resource consumption to prevent improper usage. 

Career at the HRZ

At the University IT and Data Center we offer a wide range of career opportunities in science and technology. People with very different educational backgrounds work here. Teamwork, reliability and competence are very important to us. That's why we're a diverse group - and we're proud of it!

But it's not just the tasks at the University IT and Data Center that are exciting, our team is also interesting. That's why we decided to expand our website to provide insights into the working world of our employees from different departments.

In our career section, in addition to our open job offers, you will now find another point “We at the University IT and Data Center", which takes you to the personal career pages of our employees from the areas of identity management, research data, networks, Atlassian and eCampus.

Opening hours IT Helpdesk

We have changed opening hours of our IT Helpdesk:

On Monday, 2nd October 2023 our IT Helpdesk will be in service from 09:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.

On Tuesday 3rd October 2023 the IT Helpdesk will be closed due to Day of German Unity. 

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