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18. March 2024

Release of Toolbox for Digital Accessability on eCampus Release of Toolbox for Digital Accessability on eCampus

The »Toolbox Digital Accessibility« on eCampus offers many resources, that were developed by the ILIAS community. It contains an array of important information on the promotion of accessibility. In this toolbox are learning units that deal with the basics and the situation of students with disabilities. Furthermore, the legal obligations are explained and an overview over assistive devices is given.

For the development of teaching materials, advice on the early identification of barriers and checklists for different Office, PDF, and media formats are provided. Teachers receive important advice on accessible designs for their seminars, office hours, exams and tests. 

Toolbox © eCampus
Download all images in original size The impression in connection with the service is free, while the image specified author is mentioned.

There are possibilities to notify the eCampus team about problems regarding compliance with accessibility requirements. The "Report barrier" link, which is available in the footer of every eCampus page, can be used for this purpose.

» Toolbox Digital Accessibility

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