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Coordination of IT security incidents (CERT)

Coordination of IT security incidents (CERT)

The CERT or IT security team of the University of Bonn is responsible for handling security-related incidents in the IT area of the University of Bonn.

For whom?

All Members of the Uni Bonn

The service is available to all members of the University of Bonn.

What for?

IT Security Coordination

    The CERT team is formed from employees of the HRZ of the University of Bonn. The measures are taken in coordination with the IT Security Officer, the Data Protection Officer and other institutions of the University of Bonn. The aim is to protect the IT infrastructure of the University of Bonn from external attacks, but also from (negligent) illegal use.

    How does it work?

    The CERT team becomes active in the following topics, among others

    • Handling security incidents
    • Reacting as quickly as possible to incidents (e.g. hacking attacks, phishing attacks, etc.)
    • In the context of acute emergency management, blocking computers and University IDs 
    • Cooperation with DFN-Cert
    • Cooperation and communication with the IT administrators of the institutions of the University of Bonn

    Please report possible security incidents to: sicherheitsteam@uni-bonn.de


    Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    (Call only possible from the BONNET)


    Since e-mails are easy to forge, mails sent by us from sicherheitsteam@uni-bonn.de or abuse@uni-bonn.de always contain a valid S/MIME signature. If not, please contact us.

    We can only make general recommendations, point out problems, pass on reports and, depending on the problem, check whether it has now been solved. The operators are responsible for solving the problems.

    • Use of an operating system for which security updates are still available.
    • Regularly install updates
    • Activate the computer's firewall
    • If possible, place it behind the firewall of the institute or computer centre
    • Only release ports for required services on the firewall
    • Release ports only for required IP addresses (not always for the entire Internet or BONNET).

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