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Rainer's career in the eCampus-Team

The University IT and Data Center manages central IT-Services for the university. As part of the eCampus-Team Rainer supports professors and teachers on the subject of eLectures (the recording of lectures). Read more about what working at the University and Data Center means to Rainer:

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Optimal Work-Life-Balance

Flexibility in deciding my working hours and the possibility to spontanenously interrupt work are both important to me. This is because I have two small children and my wife also works full-time. I am very thankful that the University and IT Data Center allows me to do do all this, alongside the fact that I get everything done by bike and that I find the work to be a lot of fun.

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The university offers a so-called learning management system based on the open source software ILIAS, to electronically support studying and teaching. The University IT and Data Center provides the technical infrastructure and secures the operation and maintenance of the system. All students, teachers and guests of the university can access the platform with their Uni-ID.

The eCampus eLearning services are a joint project of the Bonn Center for Higher Education (BZH), the University IT and Data Center, as well as the Bonn University and State Library (ULB). The eLecture platform Opencast can be used to record lectures and presentations.

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We are #Teamwork

Because I am in charge of the video platform for lecture recordings, the eLecture portal, I depend on the cooperation of many different departments. From a technical perspective, media IT, server services, university network, authentification services, media technology and the coupling with the learning platform, are all involved in the making of the eLecture portal. I received a lot of support from all sides while setting up the platform. As a sound and image engineer, I am glad that this continues to be important when operating the system.

"The work at the University IT and Data Center and other departments of the university goes hand in hand."

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The University IT and Data Center not only has exciting tasks but also an interesting team. If you would like to learn more about your future colleagues, you can find more stories from the University IT and Data Center below.

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Research data, code, service! Sergej conceptualises and operates the resesarch data management of the university, together with his colleagues.

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Networking competently. Tim and the network department guarantee the data flow at our alma mater. It's hard to think of anything more exciting.

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Maike is part of the Identity-Management team and with her work she provides the basis for accessing the IT-services of the University of Bonn.

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#NextLevel. Doing online research together, working, and planning - all are possible thanks to Marcel and the team behind our wiki tool.

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