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Sergej's career in Research Data Management

The University IT and Data Center manages central IT-Services for the university. Sergej is part of the department server & systems and manages the research data tools of the university. Read more about what working at the University and Data Center means to Sergej.

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Challenges and room to take initiative

As I have a PHD in computer science, I am especially interested in the newest topics in the areas of research and development. Recent challenges in digitalisation are part of my expertise and the University IT and Data Center offers me many possibilities to implement new ideas. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to be active in research and teaching involving data management. Besides from answering technical questions in close coordination with researchers of the university, part of my work is to represent the University IT and Data Center in internal university groups, as well as in focus groups on data management in NRW and on a federal level. As a father of two, flextime and homeoffice allow me to have enough time for my family.

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Research data management?

Data is the "heart" of research. With research management tools, which are continuously delevoped further while being used, the department for servers and systems supports the scientific work of the whole university and therefore, the world class reseach in all subject areas.

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We are #Teamwork

One of my central tasks is the implementation and maintenance of research-related tools like the Research Data Repository and electronic laboratory files. The integration of the services into the university infrastructure and the supplementation of other services like IdentityManagement, SingleSignOn and process supervision, require perfect team work that spans multiple departments. Working at the University IT and Data Center includes a wide spectrum of technical competencies and a high willingness to share individual expertise. This way, my own competences can develop in an optimal way and the most difficult technical challenges can be solved easily. 

"Although, I started my work at the University IT and Data Center during the pandemic, communication and training were impeccable. I quickly found common ground with my colleagues that goes beyond the professional and in our free-time we do many exciting activities, like going on bike tours or hosting board game nights."

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The University IT and Data Center does not only have exciting tasks but also an interesting team. If you would like to learn more about your future colleagues, you can find more stories from the University IT and Data Center below.

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Maike is part of the Identity-Management team and with her work she provides the basis for accessing the IT-services of the University of Bonn.

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Networking competently. Tim and the network department guarantee the data flow at our alma mater. It's hard to think of anything more exciting.

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Is this available online? Rainer supervises the recording of events and lectures, and is responsible for making these available.

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#NextLevel. Doing online research together, working, and planning - all is possible thanks to Marcel and the team behind our wiki tool.

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