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Training: IT Specialist for System Integration
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Are you looking for an apprenticeship where you can apply your passion for IT? Is studying too theoretical for you? Then you've come to the right place: we've been successfully training IT specialists for system integration for over 15 years. Here you can find out how to become part of our team.

Your perfect start into professional life

Together with 5 apprentices you will have fun learning, you can carry out your own projects and you will be supported by our team of 70 employees.

Your education:

Due to the diverse server, service and network structures at the university, we can offer you a varied and well-founded education that will make you "fit" for your future career start.

The training lasts 3 years. During this time you will learn in all our departments. You will start in the user support department and the workstation systems, then move to the network department and finally to the server and system department.

We want you to be independent. We want you to learn, with our support, to acquire the necessary knowledge to solve problems. We are team players and value good and honest communication.

And we want flexibility and curiosity, because the rapid development of your working environment means that it never gets boring.

What you learn with us:

  • Set-up and configuration of IT systems
  • Configuration of operating systems (Windows, Linux,
  • RaspberryPi projects
  • Installation of software
  • Installation and support of the training computers in the
    HRZ course room
  • Installation of network components within the
    entire university campus
  • Server installation and administration
  • Installation of virtual machines
  • Working at the IT helpdesk
  • Participation in various IT training courses
  • Supervision of student interns

Your advantages:


During your education, you will spend 3 months learning at other institutes and facilities of the university. This gives you even more insight into IT system structures and scientific environments.

Full support with exam preparation

We support you in preparing for the exams with reference books and e-learning materials. We cover the costs for the exam preparation courses at the IT Academy in Cologne in full. You will receive 5 days of special leave for the final exam.


After passing the final examination, you will be taken on at the university for one year. After that, the chances of permanent employment are good, as 75% of our trainees are still employed at the university.

Our apprentices: an interview

We asked our apprentices Sovandy and Dominik at the beginning of their apprenticeship what they expect from their start into their professional life at the University Computer Centre. You can read the interview here:

At the HRZ, two new trainees started their training as IT specialists in the field of system integration in 2017. We asked Sovandy and Dominik a few questions about their training.

Why did you decide to train as an IT specialist in system integration?

Dominik: I had already done a vocational qualification with a specialisation in IT before. However, the practical part was neglected there. But because I think practical work is very important for an IT specialist, I decided I would rather do an apprenticeship in this field.

Sovandy: I had already studied in Cambodia and realised how important practical work is in addition to theory. That's why I decided to start the training here.

How did you find out about the HRZ as a training centre?

Dominik: My sister pointed it out to me. She is also doing an apprenticeship at the University Bonn, in administration. Before that, I didn't know that the University Bonn even offered training. Then I looked for apprenticeships in the field of computer science and came across the HRZ.

Sovandy: I heard from friends that there are also apprenticeships at the university. I then searched for apprenticeships on the university's website and that's how I found this job.

What tipped the scales in favour of the HRZ?

Dominik: The size of the company was important to me. In smaller companies, you often only have a very limited range of topics as a trainee, whereas here you have very varied training content. In addition, in small companies no one often has time to help with questions. That's different here.

Sovandy: It was also important to me that I was well looked after during the training. I have had the experience in other companies before that no one takes care of you and you are left alone with questions and problems. Here I have the feeling that I am well looked after.

What do you like best about the training at the HRZ so far?

Sovandy: As I said, I find the support for the trainees here very good. There is a fixed structure as to who our supervisors are, and we know who we can turn to if we have any questions. The team and the atmosphere are also very friendly.

Dominik: I can only agree with that. I also think it's very good that we have our own permanent workplace here. I had the experience before that you were constantly being pushed from one place to another. I didn't like that very much.

Can you give any tips for someone who wants to do an apprenticeship at the HRZ?

Dominik: You should definitely check the university website. Many people don't even know that these apprenticeships exist. Otherwise, I can only advise you to just try it and apply.

Sovandy: I can also only give the advice to simply dare. Otherwise, if you're not sure, you should definitely just call or write an email and find out about the training place.

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How to apply:

The application phase starts in September each year.
Create your complete application documents as a pdf file.
Upload them via the online application portal of the University of Bonn.
The HR department will then forward your application to us.


The application phase starts in September. The portal will remain open until all training places have been filled.

The training starts on 1 August.

The training school is the Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg in Bonn.

The remuneration is graded according to the apprenticeship year and is gross at 1050€ / 1090€ / 1100€.

You have 30 days' leave per year.

We have two apprenticeship positions available every year.

Basic IT knowledge of hardware and software is desirable, and an internship in the IT field would also be useful. However, it is not mandatory, but there should be a preference for technology and IT.

We offer orientation days and career exploration, as well as 2-week internships for school students. Get in touch with us.

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