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University IT and Data Center

The HRZ offers classes on different IT topics


Topics range from the latest office applications, programming, High Performance Computing to video conferencing systems, editing graphics, 3D printing and operating systems. The events, which are mostly offered as block courses, last 1 to 5 days with 3 hours per day.

For whom?

Students and Employees

Students and employees of the University of Bonn can register for courses via eCampus using their University ID.

Only Employees

Additional internal events for further education for employees of the University of Bonn are registered and organised by the Staff Development & Career Office.

Guest students and secondary students

These groups are not admitted to the events

What for?

Students and Employees

    • IT topics such as word processing, spreadsheets, operating systems, etc.

    • small learning groups with up to 30 participants

    • 1 workstation with newly installed PC for each participant

    • Demonstrations and exercises to consolidate the learning material

    • Consultation on all topics of the courses

    • All participants receive a certificate of attendance

    How does it work?

    Event Programme

    The complete programme of events with all topics and dates, how and under which conditions registration works and when the registration deadlines are, can be found in detail in our HRZ-Doku.

    We are also available to answer your questions and provide user support independently of the events. Please contact the responsible lecturer by e-mail.

    Information on eCampus

    Registration for courses at the HRZ runs via eCampus. You can find this under "Magazine > Facilities > Central Facilities > University Computer Centre". Log in to eCampus with your University ID.


    Detailed information on our IT courses can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    (Access only possible from the BONNET)


    Please deregister independently via eCampus. In case of unexcused non-attendance, you will be excluded from registration via eCampus for the current and the following 2 semesters.

    As soon as places become available, we move enrolments from the waiting list up according to the date of enrolment and inform them by e-mail. Experience shows that places become available at the beginning of the course, so that you have a good chance of being admitted to the course if you arrive on time.

    Even if you have not attended the course, you are welcome to send your questions by e-mail to the responsible lecturer.

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