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Network access for workplaces
The connection of workstation computers to the university network.

Network access for workplaces

Workstation computers are usually connected to the university network by cable and can thus be assigned to local networks in institutes and thus also use internal institute resources. The network connection is realised in cooperation between the network department of the HRZ and the local administrators.

For whom?


This service is aimed at employees of the University of Bonn.

What for?

Network connection

The wired network connection of a workstation computer makes it possible to switch the network connection to the respective institute network and thus use institute-internal resources (such as floor printers in the institute, ...) and the network disconnections realised for the institute network.

How does it work?

The connection of a workstation computer to the data network is coordinated by the institute administrator. Information is required as to which data socket (labelling on the data socket) the workstation computer is to be connected to. The institute administrators report the data socket and the institute network to which it is to be connected to netadmin@uni-bonn.de. There, the corresponding activation is set up on the server. There, the corresponding activation is carried out on the network components.


Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
(can only be accessed from the BONNET)


As a rule, the HRZ neither knows the internal organisational structures of an institute nor can it determine the appropriate assignment to a suitable institute network. However, since the network activation in an institute's network may also enable security-relevant network access, this should always be under the control of the institute's administrators.

You can use WLAN as long as it is available and you do not need a connection to internal resources (e.g. floor printers in the institute, ...). There is currently no comprehensive possibility to access the institute's network from the WLAN. Please also bear in mind that WLAN is generally susceptible to interference and generally achieves lower data rates than connections to data sockets.

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