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Serverhousing at the HRZ

Serverhousing at the HRZ

The accommodation and network connection of customer servers in the HRZ takes place in a machine room specially designed for this purpose only. Access to this room can be gained by institute staff at any time (24 hours, 365 days a year) via a mechatronic locking system. Thus, it is possible to assemble the computer hardware oneself and to look after it at any time. The individual air-conditioned 19" server cabinets are also secured against unauthorised access by a separate locking system. The customer's servers are installed after a one-time cost contribution.

For whom?

Institutes of the University of Bonn

This service is exclusively for institutes.

What for?

Air-conditioned servers

    The following list shows an overview of the air-conditioned server cabinets:

    • Complete 19" racks, with 42 usable height units and laterally expandable by max. 6 U.
    • Water / air cooling in the 19" rack, up to max. 15 kW, or 30 kW heat dissipation per server cabinet
    • Two separately fused power strips
    • 3x32 A, 400 Vac supply line with a total of 72 IEC 320 outlets (10 A each), can be loaded up to 240 Vac
    • Rack can be locked separately

    How does it work?

    If you would like to accommodate individual servers, please contact our operations team betrieb@uni-bonn.de.

    Server capacities 

    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept any further servers except for individual HE, as all capacities are taken.


    Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    ( Access only possible from the BONNET)

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