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Existing licence agreements, procurement and advice on software products at the University of Bonn

Software & Licences

Workplace software is at the heart of your daily workflows. Find out here how we can support you in the procurement process, what hurdles there are and how you can still reach your goal.

For whom?


There is software for staff computers in the institutes and facilities, the procurement and installation of which is usually carried out by the institute administrators (software licence officers).

Students, Guests, private usage

There are also (a few) software products for private computers of staff, students and guests. Often, these products may only be used in the context of research and teaching.


Products that can be used via framework agreements include Citavi, Colourbox Educational, Endnote, ESRI (ArcGIS), SPSS and several more. MS Office is only available to employees. University employees can find an overview of the various products and framework agreements in the HRZ-Doku.

How does it work?

In the HRZ-Doku you will find additional information on the general usage regulations and licence conditions at the university:

  • Overview of framework contracts and procurement agreements for software
  • Notes on the procurement of individual products

For software products, as for all other procurements, the procurement guidelines apply. This means that there is direct procurement for the procurement of software from framework agreements (state agreements, campus agreements or simple framework agreements). Software that cannot be procured from framework agreements is subject to comparison or tendering.

The HRZ and Central Procurement have concluded various framework agreements for the University. For some products there are individual quotation and procurement channels, other products can be obtained from the University of Bonn's software shop at ASKnet AG. You can also purchase the products you need (in compliance with the rules of the University of Bonn, the procurement guidelines and the data protection laws and regulations) on the open market.

Software for the workstations is procured and provided by the institutes themselves. The HRZ supports the institute administrators with framework agreements and procurement information. The HRZ provides application support for some common programmes.


Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
(Access only possible from the BONNET)


No, unfortunately not. The University of Bonn has not concluded a campus licence for Microsoft Office.

Each institute has an IT officer who is responsible for this.

If you find the programme in the list of courses, you can contact our user support at info-hrz@uni-bonn.de.

You can find the software shop of the University of Bonn under this link.

Please note that the software shop is only the right place to go for basic framework agreements. For other products, the software shop is often not the most favourable procurement channel. Please note the product-related information in the HRZ documentation. Use of the software shop requires separate registration.

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