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The university offers teachers the opportunity to conduct e-exams (electronic examinations) at the end of a course. In a computer pool, students take their e-exams on workstations equipped with a secure examination environment.

For whom?


This service is only offered to teachers at the University of Bonn. Students can participate in the exams created for them at any time.

What for?


    We recommend the use of an e-exam for your course:

    • as a placement test to form groups or entrance tests to determine the student's position at the beginning of the semester
    • if there is a large amount of free text, which is much easier to read in e-examinations
    • in the case of a high correction effort for classical examinations
    • when using multimedia material (e.g. high-resolution images, audio or video elements)
    • in combination with lecture-accompanying assessment procedures in eCampus Learning Management
    • in OpenBook examinations with the help of Internet research or other digital materials
    • in the use of special application software to accompany exams
    • for a mock exam to prepare for the exam

    How does it work?

    The eExam are prepared and carried out with the help of the eExam software. You create the eExam in an authoring system that is similar to the eCampus learning platform, as both work with ILIAS - only in different versions. Teachers who are familiar with working on eCampus will quickly find their way around the eCourse system.

    The eCampus team supports teachers in the implementation of e-examinations - from advice and implementation to the evaluation and archiving of examinations.

    Task types

    Your eExams can be made up of these types of tasks:

    • Single-Choice
    • Multiple-choice
    • Free text questions
    • Hotspot tasks
    • Fill-in-the-text tasks
    • Short answer tasks
    • Combinations of different task types


    Support from the eCampus team:

    • Didactic and technical advice
    • Training of authors on the
      task creation
    • Implementation of the e-exam
    • Provision of examination software and examination workstations
    • Evaluation and archiving

    Frequently asked questions

    Here you will find frequently asked questions on the subject of eExams.


    Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    (can only be accessed from the BONNET)

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