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Equipment Rental
The HRZ has a pool of equipment that are lent to institutes for events.

Equipment Rental

If you have a meeting, conference or larger event, you can borrow standard laptops, desktop microphones and a meeting owl from us.

For whom?


This service is available to employees of the institutes and facilities of the University of Bonn.


In special cases, we also lend laptops to students for a certain period of time 4 weeks maximum).

What for?


    The laptops are installed with the current Windows operating system, WiFi/VPN, Zoom and usual standard software.

    How does it work?

    If required, please contact us by email at hrz.verleih@uni-bonn.de. In the case of positive feedback, we will send you a form which must be signed and stamped by the person responsible for the institute and returned to us.


    Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
    (Access only possible from the BONNET)

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