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18. January 2024

HRZ - Behind the Scenes HRZ - Behind the Scenes

What does providing IT-infrastructure at the University of Bonn mean? How does a typical work day look like for the colleagues at the University IT and Data Center?

In our new video collection 'HRZ - Behind the Scenes', we give insights into the diverse and exciting tasks of our HRZ-team.

The first episode begins in the HRZ network department, which is responsible for the operation and expansion of the university network and the provision of network services in all four campuses in the city (city center, Poppelsdorf, Endenich, Venusberg) and at the teaching and research stations outside the city borders (campus Klein-Altendorf, Wiesengut and Gut Frankenforst). 

Last summer, we were able to accompany our colleagues from the network department on a field trip to Königswinter-Vinxel with our camera and learn from Heiko Goertz-Ort, the local IT admin at Gut Frankenforst, why even cows need functioning Wi-Fi.

We hope you enjoy the first episode 'HRZ - Behind the Scenes':

Do you like the first episode of our new video series "HRZ - Behind the scenes"?

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