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15. November 2023

HPC: Impressions from the initiation HPC: Impressions from the initiation

The start of the Super Computer "Marvin" on October 20, 2023 signifies a milestone for research at the University of Bonn. Through the new Super Computer, the University of Bonn supports a range of research areas with new and powerful computing capacity. Henceforth, "Marvin" is an important part of the excellent research and digitalisation strategy at the University of Bonn. But which story lays behind the name Marvin? Dr Dirk Babi, HPC team leader at the University IT and Data Center, has the answer to this question in the video on our HRZ YouTube channel.

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Impressions of the initiation and the scientific talks of the research areas, in which the Super Computer will be used, can be found on Uni Bonn TV (YouTube)

Marvin Maschinensaal
Marvin Maschinensaal © Hochschulrechenzentrum
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