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20. October 2023

HPC: Inauguration of Marvin HPC: Official inauguration of Marvin

The day has finally come: October 20, 2023 the ceremonial inauguration of the new high-performance computer “Marvin” has taken place.

Marvin.jpg - Serverrack "Marvin". © HRZ
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Official starting signal for the new supercomputer "Marvin"

With a symbolic push of a button at 11:47 a.m. the rector of the university, Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Michael Hoch, the Vice Rector for Digitalization and Information Management, Prof. Maren Bennewitz, and the Chancellor of the University of Bonn, Mr. Holger Gotschalk, the official starting signal for the  new supercomputer was given at the University of Bonn.

With “Marvin”, the university now has a new high-performance computer that has a lot to offer: with its total of 18,432 computing cores, the new HPC cluster ranks 423rd out of 500 in the global “Top500” ranking of supercomputers. “Marvin” thus marks a milestone in the history of the University of Bonn and the university IT and data centerr, which is responsible for operations with a specially set up HPC team and supports researchers with technical support.

“We are very pleased to now be able to offer highly complex, scientific computing as a service with ‘Marvin’. “This is the pleasing result of a long process,” sums up Dr. Rainer Bockholt, head of the university computing center. “Marvin” will be of great benefit to numerous research areas at the University of Bonn and, in particular, will significantly advance the areas of high-performance computing (HPC for short), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.


Would you like to find out more about the technical structure of the new high-performance computer?

Further information can be found on the High Performance Computing website.

Do you have questions about scientific computing or a specific research project related to HPC? Then visit the website of the High Performance Computing and Analytics Lab (HPC/A-Lab for short), where activities related to the topic of high-performance computing at the University of Bonn are bundled and coordinated.

For the inauguration of the high-performance computer, we have put together 1) a short clip with moving images including the historic moment of the first rack in the server room (Youtube) and 2) a photo series with impressions of the conversion work, the delivery, the construction of the supercomputer and the completed machine room:

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