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02. May 2024

Girls'Day 2024 at HRZ Girls'Day 2024 at HRZ

What parts does a computer consist of? How do smartphones and laptops communicate? How do you create a secure password, what do the server rooms at a university look like and how does a 3D printer actually work? These and many other exciting questions were answered at this year's Girls'Day, the nationwide Girls' Future Day, at the University IT and Data Center. Once again this year, schoolgirls between the 8th and 10th grades were able to gain an insight into the world of IT and work at the University IT and Data Center. The aim of the Girls'Day was to inspire the participants with a combination of practical learning and a playful element for technology and to deepen their understanding.

The morning was designed as a big scavenger hunt through the University IT and Data Center. At individual stations, the participants got to know the IT helpdesk, the 3D printers, workstation systems and network communication. There were short presentations at each station, followed by a quiz. The aim of the scavenger hunt was to collect solution words that were required for the task in the afternoon. After the tour of the server rooms at the HRZ and the subsequent lunch break, it was straight on: in a model house with four offices, four Raspberry Pi's were waiting to be networked and wired up by the girls. Once the monitors, switches and keyboards had been connected, the master password could be entered and the network connections made.

“Girls‘Day was once again an exciting and successful day for everyone involved this year,” says Karin Ahorner, responsible for planning and implementing Girls’Day at HRZ, "and we are already looking forward to the Girls’Day 2025 and the next opportunity to participate in this and other initiatives to redress the gender imbalance in technical professions and create a more diverse and inclusive future in the technology industry.”

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