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18. August 2022

New access possibility to the Research Data Infrastructure (FDI) New access possibility to the Research Data Infrastructure (FDI)

In addition to the existing access options to the Research Data Infrastructure (FDI), the HRZ now recommends the software Mountain Duck to all Windows and Mac users.

Mountain Duck Software
Mountain Duck Software © iterate GmbH
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The use of Mountain Duck in conjunction with the FDI is free of charge. The tool integrates the desired storage space in the file manager as a network drive so that the files located there can be accessed directly online without synchronisation.
Unfortunately, the open source software sshfs-win, which was previously recommended for Windows, caused application problems in certain usage scenarios, which can be circumvented with the Mountain Duck software.

You can download the software from the following link: https://www.download.uni-bonn.de/de/geschuetzte-software/fdi-tools

For Linux user systems, we still recommend the sshfs functionality already integrated in the operating system. (For Linux servers we recommend the connection via ceph-fuse).
All instructions for the FDI can be found in our HRZ-Doku.

Please note that our Mountain Duck licence is limited to our FDI service only and no other servers can be integrated with it.

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