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14. July 2023

Workshop: How AI is changing the University of Bonn Workshop: How AI is changing the University of Bonn

What is Artificial Intelligence? How "dangerous" is AI? Will AI change the work in the higher education sector?
Answers to these questions and further information on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) were provided by Dr. Christian M. Stracke (HRZ and member of the Expert Group AI&ED of the Council of Europe) and Dr. Jan Kleinmanns (HRZ User Support) during the workshop "To the point - how AI is changing the University of Bonn" (Human Resources Development and Careers). In addition to a brief introduction to the content of the topic of artificial intelligence and the presentation of the different types of AI, the two experts presented the areas in which AI has already found its way into the University of Bonn. 

The workshop on July 13, 2023 was followed by an intensive discussion with many impulses from the ranks of the participants regarding the integration of AI in the higher education sector. In an open exchange, questions could be asked and discussed about the likely opportunities and possible risks of AI for the higher education sector.

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Are you a member of staff in the areas of technology/administration, teaching or science at the University of Bonn and interested in the topic of AI? Get involved and ask your questions at the next open discussion on the topic of AI. The next workshop "To the point...how AI is changing the Uni Bonn" will take place on Monday, 18th September 2023 from 10:15 am to 11:45 am. To register on eCampus.

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