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sciebo - Hochschulcloud.NRW

Sciebo - Hochschulcloud.nrw

Sciebo is a non-commercial cloud storage by universities for universities, where you can securely synchronise and share your data from research, studies and teaching.

Sciebo ("Science Box") is operated by the University of Münster for participating universities in NRW. The service enables the automatic synchronisation of data on different end devices and allows users to collaborate on the same documents.

The data is stored exclusively at the Münster site in accordance with strict German data protection laws.

For whom?

Students & Employees

Sciebo can be used by students and employees.


Guests cannot use the service.

What for?

For Students & Employees

  • 30 GB data (for employees expandable up to 500 GB)
  • Share files with others
  • collaborate on files
  • works via clients on desktop and mobile
  • devices and in the browser
  • Project boxes for workgroups (up to 2 TB storage)

How does it work?

Create and manage a Sciebo account, change passwords, apply for a project box and manage guests, all this is possible.

Only data from research, studies and teaching may be uploaded to Sciebo and shared from there. The service is not intended for private use and backup of data. 

Registration for Sciebo

Register via https://hochschulcloud.nrw. The authentication runs via your Uni-ID. Your Sciebo account is always: Uni-ID@uni-bonn.de. Please use a different password than the one for your Uni-ID!

The administration of your sciebo account runs via "My sciebo".

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions can be found here:


Detailed information, best practices and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
(Call only possible from the BONNET)

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