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WiFi for conferences and guests
WiFi access for conferences and day guests at institutes at the University of Bonn

WiFi for conferences and guests

This can be used to provide internet access via WiFi for guests. The individual accesses are issued in the institutes.

For whom?

This service is for institutions that want to provide their guests with WiFi. The guest BONNET can be used for this purpose by day guests and conference guests.
The associated accounts must be requested by the institutes at least 2 weeks in advance using a form.

What for?

If one-day guests and conference participants would like to use the internet connection, they can do so via the guest account with specially created guest accounts.

How does it work?


Institutes and conference organisers can apply for guest accounts. At the conference venue, all participants log in to the guest bonnet with the accounts created for this purpose. You can find out how to create these accounts here.


Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
( Access only possible from the BONNET)


These accounts are for short-term guests only. For longer-term access, Uni-IDs should be applied for.

No, that is currently not possible.

No, the WiFi unencrypted and data transmitted by devices can be read on the spot in the air. If possible, use protocols with end-to-end encryption such as https.

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