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Uni-ID - Identity Management
The central user ID of the University of Bonn for all university members


The central user ID, also called Uni-ID, is the access to a variety of IT services of the university and is provided by us for service- or study-related activities. For some services, additional rights must be assigned.

For whom?


receive the Uni-ID automatically together with the semester documents.


receive the Uni-ID automatically by post to their work address. UKB employees are classified as freelancers and must apply for a Uni-ID independently.

Guest listeners and small second listeners

need a guest or second hearing licence for which a fee is charged and can use this to submit a new application. Once the application has been processed, the Uni-ID will be sent to you.

Special guest students

of a continuing education course, participants in the "FFF" project for the promotion of gifted students, participants in the FdIS (promotion of integration into studies) and cooperative students of Media Informatics Aachen must also submit a new application. After the application has been processed, the Uni-ID will be sent to you.

What for?


  • Use of the e-mail server
  • Use of the central study-related services (eLearning-eCampus,
  • Campus-Management BASIS)
  • Use of WiFi (eduroam, VPN)
  • Use of storage services (Sciebo, FDI)
  • Use of video conferencing service (Zoom)
  • Use of campus licences for software
  • Use of literature databases


  • Use of the e-mail server
  • Use of the central teaching and examination-related services (eLearning-eCampus, Campus-Management BASIS)
  • Use of WiFi (eduroam, VPN)
  • Use of storage services (Sciebo, FDI)
  • Use of central services (Confluence, SAP)
  • Use of video conferencing services (Zoom, DFNconf, BigBlueButton)
  • Use of campus licences for software

Guests or freelancers

  • Depending on the group, different services can be used

How does it work?

Here you will find information, documentation and links on how to use your Uni-ID.

Activation of the Uni-ID

After receiving your Uni-ID, the first thing you have to do is activate it online. When activating your Uni-ID, we recommend that you enter a private email address so that you can reset your password online at any time!

New application

If, by way of exception, you have not received your Uni-ID automatically, you must submit a new application.

Password & Request for investigation

The password must not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances, should always be unique and comply with the rules for a secure password.

For security reasons, change your password regularly. If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it if you have a private mail address on file. If you have forgotten your Uni-ID or have not deposited your private mail address, you must submit an investigation request.

Expiry of the Uni-ID and change of status

After exmatriculation or the end of employment, your Uni-ID will expire and be deactivated immediately, but no data will be deleted. 30 days before expiry, you will receive a warning email so that you can renew your Uni-ID if necessary, change your status, inform your contacts of the discontinuation of the email address, or back up your data.

Former members of the University of Bonn also have the option of setting up a forwarding to a private e-mail address. You can find more detailed information on this in our Docu.

Primary and functional Uni-ID

Permanent employees have the option of using one or more functional Uni-IDs in addition to their primary Uni-ID. There are cases where you need additional Uni-IDs, e.g. for administrative work (server services, website, ticket system, etc.).

Early change of name

Transgender persons have the possibility to apply for an early change of first name and gender entry – without a court order according to the TSG. To do so, please submit the corresponding request with all required proofs by mail or as e-mail to the Identity Mangement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Wolny.

The HRZ-IdM is the point of contact regarding early name change for members and affiliates of the University who are not currently enrolled with the Registrar's Office and for whom no personnel file is maintained with the Human Resources Department. Please be sure to fill out the header section of the paper form completely.

User Guidelines

Here you will find the User Guidelines of the HRZ.


Detailed information and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
(Access only possible from the BONNET)


If you are studying at the University of Bonn: No. This only happens automatically.

If you have re-registered within the deadlines communicated by the Student Secretariat, in this case your Uni-ID will be automatically extended for the following semester.

If you have missed the re-registration deadline, your Uni-ID will be deactivated. You can achieve automatic reactivation by paying the semester fee and the late fee. Please note that the booking system may take up to 10 days to transmit the completed payment of your fees to us. However, you do not need to take any further action. Deactivating the Uni-ID does not result in any loss of data.

If you change to an employment at the University of Bonn, you can have your student Uni-ID changed to an employee Uni-ID via a change request.

Exception: If you are also studying, the Uni-ID may not be changed. In this case, you should apply for an additional employee Uni-ID so that you can continue to access the BASIS teaching platform.

If you leave the University of Bonn, you can request a redirection of your e-mails via a change request, but it is no longer possible to use the services that are linked to the Uni-ID.

If you have a personnel number, then the validity of your Uni-ID corresponds to your contract period. You do not have to take any steps to renew your contract. If you belong to the group of freelancers, an extension can only be carried out manually by the responsible IdM subadministrator after an approval by the institute director (link to "Rules and regulations for access to the IT services of the University of Bonn for the group of freelancers"). In the warning email you will receive before the deactivation of your Uni-ID, you will be informed about the contact persons. Alternatively, you can use the renewal application (link to the application) to contact the contact persons.

If you no longer belong to the employee group and instead start studying again, you may have the employee Uni-ID changed to a student Uni-ID. However, if you are studying and working at the university at the same time, you should not make a Uni-ID change because you will automatically receive another, student Uni-ID with your semester documents.

If you leave the University of Bonn, you can request that your e-mails be forwarded, but it is no longer possible to use the services linked to the Uni-ID.

Renewal of your Uni-ID is always done manually by submitting the necessary documents. If there is no longer a legal connection between you and the University of Bonn, we can no longer extend your Uni-ID. No exceptions to this are possible.

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