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26. October 2022

Discontinuation of Plone 3 Discontinuation of Plone 3 as of 22.12.2023

With the introduction of Plone 5, the HZR will discontinue Plone 3 from 22.12.2023 onwards. 

Decontinuation of Service
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Plone 5, the successor system to the Plone 3 content management system introduced over 10 years ago, has been available since June 2021.
Many Plone 3 websites have already moved to the new platform since the launch of Plone 5. Some areas are still in the process of moving and many old websites in Plone 3 are probably no longer needed. In the meantime, there are no updates and no external support for the old platform, so the service will be gradually discontinued.

  • From the end of 2022, we will no longer be able to place new URLs on Plone 3 portals or change URLs there; only the change of a URL to Plone 5 will then still be possible.
  • In the last step, the HRZ will finally discontinue the operation of Plone 3 at the end of next year (the concrete date is 22.12.2023).

The HRZ and Department 8 offer regular joint training courses on Plone 5, where you will receive advice and support on how to set up your website in Plone 5 and move your existing content from Plone 3 to it.

All information on Plone 5 is available in the corresponding Confluence area: https://confluence.team.uni-bonn.de/x/KYBH

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