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14. November 2022

Electrical maintenance in the main server room of the HRZ Electrical maintenance in the main server room of the HRZ

Improvement of electrical safety and update of the network core components successfully completed.

Serverraum HRZ
Serverraum HRZ © Lannert, Uni Bonn
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On Saturday, November 12th 2022, the HRZ conducted a planned power off in the main server room. The reason for this was, on the one hand, work on the electrical infrastructure that was necessary for security reasons and, on the other hand, the installation of additional extensive software updates to the network infrastructure, which also caused temporary disruptions for the entire university network (BONNET) and all central IT services.

Since the electrical work took more time than planned, the network and server systems could not be restarted until 1:40 pm. Another reason for the delay was the failure of important uplink modules on a backbone as well as internet router, for which, however, temporary replacement solutions were provided immediately. As a result, the Mail, FDI, Bender and RSpace services were unavailable across the university between 8 am and 5 pm. In addition, there were also short-term disruptions to other central services. Smaller services were available again by 8 pm.

We thank all university members for their patience and apologise for any inconveniences that may have been caused. 

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