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17. June 2022

Warning against phishing mails Warning against phishing mails

Due to current events, we would like to point out the danger of phishing and other e-mails with harmful content.

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At the moment, mails are circulating that claim to come from employees of the University of Bonn and often ask to click on a link/open an attachment.

The sender's details are faked, the mails usually come from external e-mail accounts (currently often Google Mail accounts) and a name of a university employee is used.

Unfortunately, spam/phishing mails of this kind can hardly be blocked automatically, our spam protection filters out a large part of these mails, nevertheless mails slip through again and again.

Please pay particular attention at present, check the complete sender, do not click on any links or open any attachments in case of suspicion!

Please delete phishing e-mails immediately.

Generally, simple e-mails are not forgery-proof. You can never be sure that the e-mail comes from the person who is stated as the sender.

Therefore, be careful when dealing with e-mails. Do not click on links, open unknown attachments or follow instructions if you are not sure that the e-mail comes from the right person. If you have any doubts, briefly ask the suspected sender or consult your administrator.

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