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27. February 2023

Zoom becomes Zoom X - Zoom becomes Zoom X - and for you almost nothing changes

and for you almost nothing changes

From mid-March, the University of Bonn will be using Zoom X instead of Zoom to ensure better data protection.

For the time being, nothing will change for you: any meetings you have set up will remain unchanged - your user data and individual user settings will of course be taken with you when you move to the Telekom servers. Only the telephone dial-in numbers will change after the switch to Zoom X, so meeting invitations must be updated when using telephone participation. In addition, in the future it will only be possible to log in with a Uni-ID. If you are one of the users who still use Zoom without a "SingleSignOn" login, you will be contacted separately.

During the move, Zoom calls with the campus licence will not be possible between 11pm and 3am on 11 March 2023. Urgent video conferences can be held via the university's BigBlueButton cluster. For info, see the HRZ Doku.

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As before, a working group decides which new Zoom X features can be used in the future and whether regulations will be adapted or further developed. Do you have ideas for features? Then please feel free to send them to zoom@uni-bonn.de. With the move, the University of Bonn is keeping its promise to find a data protection alternative to the US servers. Thus, the project initiated by DiCe and implemented by the HRZ for the long-term use of video conferencing systems will be successfully transferred to permanent operation. The staff representatives have already agreed.

Zoom X is the result of a partnership between Zoom and Telekom Deutschland and is a new version of Zoom developed for the German market with its strict requirements of European data protection laws, whose servers are hosted in Telekom's data centre in Biere near Magdeburg. A limited number of 500 and 1000 webinar and meeting licences are still available to the university - a new feature is a webinar licence for up to 3000 participants for large events.

Parallel to the changeover to Zoom X, the university's Zoom Support is starting an open consultation hour on all topics related to Zoom X. All users of the campus licence are invited to share their questions & problems on the last Wednesday of every month from 1 - 2 pm in the Zoom Café - the first meeting will take place on 29 March 2023:

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