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Electronic Lab Book - RSpace
RSpace is a service for electronic laboratory data management for the research groups of the University of Bonn.

Electronic laboratory book - RSpace

The Service Agency for Research Data offers researchers at the university an electronic laboratory book centrally hosted at the University Computer Centre, which enables paperless laboratory data management. All data is stored exclusively on the servers of the HRZ.

For whom?


A larger number of licences are available for the university's research groups (incl. Med. Fac.). The use of RSpace is not obligatory for researchers.

Visiting students

External partners and visiting scholars without a University ID cannot use the service!

What for?

  • Documentation logbook for laboratories
  • Organisation based on laboratory groups
  • Individually adjustable read and write permissions offer a wide range of possibilities for collaborative work
  • All entries are personally assignable and subject to complete versioning
  • RSpace complies with various standards and specifications (e.g. GLP, FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11) and also includes electronic signatures, creation of audit trails, etc.
  • Laboratory equipment management
  • 10 GB storage space for lab entries (expandable on request)
  • Connection to the research data infrastructure of the HRZ
  • Data protection-compliant connection to various external tools such as protocols.io,
  • ChemAxon and PyRat
  • Regular data backup

How does it work?

The Service Agency for Research Data will be happy to provide interested research groups with access to the system on request. Research group leaders who would like to use RSpace in their group should contact us directly. New users who are to be included in existing groups can also register themselves and request an account. 

Only data from research and teaching may be uploaded and managed on RSpace. The service is not intended for private use and data backup.

The Service Agency for Research Data also offers introductions to the system on request.


For all questions regarding RSpace at the University of Bonn, please contact: forschungsdaten@uni-bonn.de.

Further Information

Here you can find more information about RSpace.


Detailed information, best practices and instructions can be found in the HRZ-Doku.
(Access only possible from the BONNET)

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