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Since we have received many requests about the displayed name when using our services, from now on we only transfer the first name and no longer all further first names. (May 13, 2020)
By May 30st 2020 at the latest, the clients for Zoom must be updated so that participation in meetings remains still possible. (May 13, 2020)
We have summarized important information about the services of the Hochschulrechenzentrum that you need for your studies. (Apr 20, 2020)
Until further notice, the HRZ IT helpdesk can only be reached by telephone between 8:00 and 18:00! (Mar 19, 2020)
Examinations have been postponed, teaching is interrupted, libraries are no longer open to the public. (Mar 19, 2020)
The HRZ provides information on precautionary measures to maintain the operation of the central IT infrastructure. These include restricting public access. All measures in detail in the following information of the HRZ. (Mar 09, 2020)
On Thursday, 20.2.2020, the IT Helpdesk and the public computer workstations will close at 12:00. The HRZ will remain closed on Rosenmontag. (Feb 05, 2020)
In the German Research and Education Network, new functions for web and video conferencing are available for employees of Bonn University. (Feb 05, 2020)
The HRZ website now offers step-by-step instructions for the new application and for changing the Uni-ID. (Jan 10, 2020)
Here we present several free Open-Source-Office programs to you. (Jan 08, 2020)