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The HRZ offers a 3D printing service for models for courses or prototypes for research and teaching.


The University of Bonn offers you options for setting up and using various calendars.


The HRZ operates a RA within the DFN-PKI client at GÉANT TCS. It is possible for administrators to obtain SSL certificates for servers in the network of the University of Bonn.


An e-mail box for members of the University of Bonn


For the simplified processing and administration of e-mail lists, the HRZ operates its own server.

Equipment Rental

The HRZ has a pool of laptops, desktop microphones and a meeting owl that are lent to institutes for events.


Central firewall for institute networks

GigaMove 2.0

GigaMove 2.0 is an application for exchanging large files.


The HRZ offers classes on different IT topics.

PC room for lectures

The HRZ's own PC room can be reserved for IT courses held by institutes of the University of Bonn.

Phone Book

The HRZ operates a "telephone book server" which provides contact data of employees based on the data in the central telephone system.

Project Management - Jira

Jira is available to all institutions at the University of Bonn as a tool for project organisation, task management and collaborative working.


Proxy service for members of the University of Bonn for "anonymous" surfing on the Internet

Serverhousing at the HRZ

The University Computer Centre of the University of Bonn offers server housing to institutes of the University of Bonn.

Software and Licences

Existing licence agreements, procurement and advice on software products at the University of Bonn.

Ticket System - KIX

The HRZ operates a ticket system based on the KIX software. This can be used, for example, to process requests jointly and in a coordinated manner within an institution.

Time Server

The time server provides your computer with an exact time


The HRZ operates a URL shortener that converts long URLs into short URLs incl. QR code.

Video Conference - Zoom

The University has concluded a campus licence for Zoom as a video conferencing service for use in research and teaching.

Video Tutorials

The video trainings of the LinkedIn Learning portal can be used via an existing campus licence.

Virtual machines for institutes

The University Computer Centre offers virtual servers (VM) to institutes and facilities of the University of Bonn for use in the fulfilment of university tasks (research, teaching, administration).

VPN - Bonnet

A secure and encrypted connection to the university network (BONNET).

Web Statistics - Matomo

The HRZ operates a server that generates web statistics and analysis data of the use of registered websites.

Wiki - Confluence

Confluence is available to all institutions of the University of Bonn as a tool for knowledge management/documentation and project organisation and collaborative working.

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